Blog Talkers is Closing Down

It’s been 18 months since I set up Blog Talkers and I’m sad to say, it never really took off. As a result, I’m finding updating this site more and more encumbersome. So, please accept this notice that Blog Talkers is now officially closed.

However, I’ve started a Monday Morning Meme on my Write From Karen blog – I post four questions every Sunday afternoon (entitled Monday Morning Sneak Peek) which gives you plenty of time to write and pre-post (if you wish) answers to these questions and post to your own blog Monday.

After you’ve posted your answers Monday, please visit Write From Karen, leave your link and visit other participants!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this blog for the past 18 months. I hope you’ll find time to participate in the Monday Morning Meme!


4 responses to “Blog Talkers is Closing Down

  1. Sorry to see Blog Talkers go. I’ve been getting behind in keeping up for a while but I really do like it. You have had really good questions to answer. I will miss it.

  2. I was having some troubles posting here when I responded to the question. I tried emailing you.

    Anyways, I am sorry to see this close.
    I really enjoyed it very much.

  3. As is the Monday tradition here on the blog were giving away a pair of tickets to a lucky reader who responds to our query!. Be sure to include your full name in your responses.. To leave a comment click on the title of the blog entry and scroll down. ..

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