Blog Talkers Talk #74


Write about your car. What do you drive? Show us a picture of your car. What do you WISH you were driving? How long have you been driving your car? Do you like to drive overall? Are you a good driver? Are you a passive driver? Or are you rather aggressive? How has increasing gas prices affected your lifestyle? How has it affected your budget? How many miles do you drive on a given day?

Question submitted by Write From Karen.


If you have a question (or questions) you would like to see on Blog Talkers, please email me (Karen) at [blogtalkers at take2max dot com]. When your question is used, I’ll put a link back to your blog. Don’t be shy! What would you like to ask fellow bloggers?


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4 responses to “Blog Talkers Talk #74

  1. Hope it was ok for me to join in and try this. My entry can be found at

    Thank you for making me reminisce.

  2. OMG, I’m the first this week? Inconceivable!! Here it is……………

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