Blog Talkers Talk #67

Be honest …

What is your most important goal in life? Why? (Please elaborate) How do you propose to get there? (Or how did you accomplish it). What sort of sacrifices will (or did) you have to make in order to achieve this goal? Once you’ve accomplished this goal, how will this change your life? 

Question submitted by Write From Karen.


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11 responses to “Blog Talkers Talk #67

  1. Mine will be up in a few minutes. Just thinking about which goal is most important. 😀

  2. What a great question this week! Difficult to answer, but great 🙂

    Mine’s up now!

  3. Hi there! I’m new to this, but I just put up mine over at

  4. So if I’m understanding, I write a post to answer the question and then post the URL here?

    I may be a bit slow on the uptake, or suffering from sleep deprivation.

    If I’m on the right track maybe you can stop by The Lives and Times… and let me know; or put me on the right track.

    I can say, simply, that my most important goal in life is to be a positive influence and to do what I can to make a meaningful contribution in the world.

    When you are in a position where you are standing and have to decide life is worth living there has to be a reason to say yes, afterall. I’ve been in that position and that is what I can best do to keep her memory alive.

    Will that do vs. me having to post something?

  5. Anthony, right. You can either write a blog post around the weekly question/prompt and then link it from here, or, do what you did and answer it in the comment section. Totally up to you.

    Thanks for playing!

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