Blog Talkers Talk #61

Let’s do something different. Instead of asking a question, I’m going to post a writing prompt. Please interpret this prompt any way you wish. Here are some questions to help you get started:

Heart. What is close to your heart? Does heart disease run in your family? Would you say your heart is in good shape? Would you ever consider donating your heart after passing away? Why or why not?

Question submitted by Write From Karen.


If you have a question (or questions) you would like to see on Blog Talkers, please email me (Karen) at [blogtalkers at take2max dot com]. When your question is used, I’ll put a link back to your blog. Don’t be shy! What would you like to ask fellow bloggers?


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10 responses to “Blog Talkers Talk #61

  1. This week is up on my blog!

  2. Mine is up.

    Karen, I can you add me as Penny Lane to the blogroll please.
    I have 30 Blog Talker enteries in my blog and basically got this blog just so I could do Blog Talkers!
    I emailed you several times making this request and evidently you did not get them. I hope you see this note. Thanks so much. I love doing Blog Talkers.

  3. oops! sorry about the bad English/typo in the first sentence last post.

  4. Mine will be up in a few minutes. I’m just trying to experiment with some HTML code.

  5. Thanks Jean. Sorry about the emails – I don’t check that email very often. Anyhoo, you’ve been added to the blogroll!

  6. My blog is up… Very hard to answer for me this week

  7. Thanks Karen.
    I don’t feel so lost any more. 😉

  8. What a great question–I’m up!

  9. I just found you through Laura’s site (That Grrl), and I plan to check back regularly.

    This question really spoke to me, so I posted my response.

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