Blog Talkers Talk #45

Tell us:

Who’s the most unusual member of your family? What makes him/her so unique? Do you like this person? Or do you merely tolerate him/her?

Question submitted by: Write From Karen


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3 responses to “Blog Talkers Talk #45

  1. Very nice question!
    Actually I am MYSELF the most unusual member of my family! But well, I don´t´enjoy so much speaking about myself, so if you want to find out what is unusual in me, just have a look around at my things…(my blog: A Painter´s Pointer)
    I would say the other most unusual member of the family is my brother, As a baby he got an unknown, lethal desease and should heve died, but he survived. But then he went on all this life being subject to very strange illnesses which doctors don´t know. As a child and an adolescent he was always very rebellious, impossible to discipline, driving our parents crazy. But he has such a charisma that nobody could be angry at him for a long time!
    His rebellion was the reason why my father decided to put him, as he was 18 years old, in a French military school! And believe it or not: he survived it! He even made a high carreer in the French army, ended as a colonnel, as he left with 48 years.
    The whole time he was in the army he just dreamt of leaving and going sailing around the word. We all knew his dream, but I was the only one who knew that he was working on it every day, 30 years long!
    He realised his dream and went sailing around the world, alone. He is actually in Tahiti. We just bought together a new catamaran there and soon I´ll join him to sail and paint, for 2 months…
    He is a very intelligent, very sensitive, very generous and humourful man. We all love him deeply… and most women too!!!

  2. Mine is up.

    Miki your brother is lucky to have lived his dream. He sounds like a great guy. Have fun on your 2 month sail.

  3. I’ve got my entry up! If you have a moment please do stop by!

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