Blog Talkers Talk #38

Answer this question:

If you could select any person, dead or alive, famous or obscure, historic or common, to write a blog that you would visit regularly, who would it be and why?

Question submitted by: Matt


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2 responses to “Blog Talkers Talk #38

  1. OK mine is up.
    I just want to warn you that the tiny url link may take you to the main site page because they redid it and I have been told that when using the tiny urls, this is what has been happening this past week.

    So, my link to the blog is a click on my name and I do have a category called Blog Talkers (which by the way, I have been playing catch up with all topics issued).

    Here you go — give it a try. Sorry if there is an inconvenience to anyone.


  2. My response is up :).

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