Blog Talkers Talk #33

Tell us …

How important are the issues of race/ethnicity towards building a stable country/government? And what are your views on immigrants & immigration laws?

Question submitted by: Stev Blogs


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5 responses to “Blog Talkers Talk #33

  1. I’ve done mine finally.

  2. What a loaded question and I enjoyed reading the other comments so far…seemly all encouraging open borders for all countries irrevelant of the consequences. For some reason if it does not effect them directly or their tiny world…it must be OK?

    As an American by birth with a long family history connected directly to Nathan Hale…..I understand I have Irish, English, and Hungaian decent and many more in my line. I have however paid taxes to this country since I was 15 years old and all the money I made here… I spent here and promoted my countries prosperity…not someone elses country. I did not go to Mexico or Cananda and make another countries money and then send it back to the good old USA so my family could eat. How simple all of you make the liberal point of vew….way to simple and often very a very dangerous point of view.

    The immigration problem is not about good people seeking work and providing services to our country…its about doing the above legally within the current laws of the United States. We need the immigrants to provide many services…legally. So why would anyone not understand the rule of law in what we supposedly call a world civilization based on laws? When you have no laws…. you have no civlization…my point!

    Any immigrant should have to learn the lanquage of the country they relocate too…period. In fact I would make it law that they must learn the lanquage first before they are allowed in…how simple put the monkey on the immigrant and not on our government…to simple for liberals. We should not support or encourage any illegal immigration into our country….once again to simple…place the burden on all those involved and fine all those that support the activity…too simple again. Fine all the legal citizens for promoting this illegal activity…do not fine the illegal immigrant and give them no benefits for being here..period. Do not jail them return them to their country…we should pay nothing to defend them to help them to fix them to feed them etc. etc. If they can not do it legally…we do not want them here..once agin to simple.

    I have to laugh about Canadians thinking the are some kind of melting pot….not. Here is the deal we will build a 4 lane highway from Arizona and make it go straight to our northern border…no stops allowed. We will allow the Mexican immigrants to enter directly into your country and your country may not check them out… they will just come directly in by the millions and you can provide them jobs. They will then build your country and cut your grass. You can let them into your national health care program and support their efforts via your goverment programs and I guess you will need to teach them French or provide Mexican menus. Any terrorists are allowed right in along with the Mexicans..all criminals allowed too! How does that sound for your bleeding liberal brains? Since it appears you have lost a few….

    The world needs to integrate and this will take time and will take controls. We are not the World as Micheal said. We are the hope of the World. Everyone wants to come to the good old USA…why… we are actually number one and a first world country and we are free and we have LAWS that protect your rights. What a novel concept….laws!


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