Blog Talkers Talk #27

This question is, without a doubt, a fluff question. *grin*

Tell me about your most unusual laundromat experience. Have you ever, or would you ever leave your laundry unattended at a laundromat? What would you do if it wasn’t there when you came back?

Question submitted by: Write From Karen


Attention! I will going through the blogroll this week and checking to make sure everyone listed is still participating – it doesn’t have to be every week, but if a blog hasn’t participated in the past four weeks, the blog will be removed from the list. If you’ve been participating and aren’t on the list, please email Karen at [blogtalkers at take2max dot com] to be added to the blogroll.

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4 responses to “Blog Talkers Talk #27

  1. Mine is up! You can visit me here:

    Hope everyone Canadian & US are having great long weekends!

  2. Got mine up as well :).

  3. A fun question and a silly answer.

    Don’t forget to elaborate – let your imagination go wild.

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