Blog Talkers Talk – #17

I need to ask my husband this question.

Why are people obsessed with the weather?  And if you watch the Weather Channel, why?

Question submitted by: Rob


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9 responses to “Blog Talkers Talk – #17

  1. I think I may have missed the target a bit again…

    Hopefully not…

  2. My answer is now online. Thank you for the question … 🙂

  3. Got my response up as well, bit of a weird question I must say though :P.

  4. A rather apt question for my part of the country – our weather changes by the HOUR.

  5. I absolutely despise knowing the weather. Ruins my day, serious!

  6. LOL- I have to comment on this because I was just asking my dear, sweet mother the other day why she felt the need to watch TWC. Considering the fact we have satellite and we can’t view the local weather. But she feels the need to see what the weather is like in Arizona-or wherever, on a continuous basis. And, for the record, she has no idea why other than, “To see what it’s going to do.”

  7. That’s what my husband says, too, that watching the weather is fascinating, and just so unpredictable. You think you know what’s going to happen, but then there’s a shift in the wind and something entirely different shows up.

    In addition, he loves watching it because it’s just so cool to watch something so immense, so out-of-our-control shape our lives.

  8. Oooo – my suggestion this week – woo hoo

    Here’s my answer!

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