Blog Talkers Talk – #16

I hate April 15th.  And considering we all have the government on our minds right now …

Do you think it’s the government’s responsibility to take care of the people? Why or why not?

Question submitted by: Write From Karen


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7 responses to “Blog Talkers Talk – #16

  1. Forgive me Karen, but what a vague question… Still, I did my best…

    Perhaps you could narrow down WHAT you want to ask about the government looking after?

  2. I hesitated to even ask this question because so many people get so emotional when it comes to anything political. I think for this reason, I kept the question vague and open to interpretation so people could answer or apply it to different aspects of their lives as they saw fit.

    And may I say, you answered the question beautifully – you elaborated on your opinions and views thereby giving us a glimpse into your belief system. And by doing so, we just got to know you a bit better. 😀

  3. My entry is now online too … 🙂

  4. I guess I was more on time with this one, just finished up my entry as well :).

  5. Hmmn – I’m was going to pass on this one because I’m not too keen on doing politics on my blog.

    I wondered where this question was going to start off with since I know nothing about the relevance of April 15th not being a US Citizen! 🙂

    This all said, I’ve made a post here

  6. Not so sure about this question, though it didn’t stop me waffling on about it in my own way! What happens on April 15th anyway?

  7. For those that don’t know what April 15th is referring to here – it’s the deadline to pay state and federal taxes in the U.S.

    Note to self: Don’t ask any more political questions. *smile*

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