Blog Talkers Talk – #15

These answers should be interesting.    

What three main rules, standards, or morals do you live by?

Question submitted by: Shawna


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10 responses to “Blog Talkers Talk – #15

  1. As usual I was a bit late again on the previous, so answered it along with this one :). The answers can be found on my blog for the people interested :).

  2. My answer is now online … 🙂 Thank you for a great question!

  3. My answers are up!

  4. Mine is here

    I’m off to do the rounds

  5. I just posted mine.

  6. I read everyones but wasn’t able to leave comments for everyone though.

  7. related to a thought I had posted a few posts back

    just a few lines quickie tho 🙂

  8. I almost forgot to participate this week. And I must say, my answers were written when I was tired and feeling goofy – heck, on second thought, what else is new? lol

  9. finally and at last, only a week late this time! great question…

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