Blog Talkers Talk – #11

I’m taking bribes from any bloggers who want to be listed. *grin*  

If you had to spend a year on a deserted island with any five bloggers, who would you choose and why?

Question submitted by: Trish 


Hey guys! I’m dying for questions! If you have a question (or questions) you would like to see on Blog Talkers, please email blogtalkers at take2max dot com. When your question is used, I’ll put a link back to your blog. Don’t be shy! What would you like to ask fellow bloggers? (You can find some examples of questions on the Future Questions page).


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11 responses to “Blog Talkers Talk – #11

  1. Woo-hoo! First out of the gate this week!

    Doubledecker Buses

  2. I’ve got my entry posted as well … 🙂 Was tough sticking to just five!

  3. My answers are up too!

  4. Mine is scheduled but accessible here

    I’m off to do the rounds!

  5. Mine is up now – good question!

  6. I seriously had fun answering this question. It made me look at blogger’s personalities – they’re strengths and weaknesses. At least, from what I can gather from their writing, that is. *grin*

    Hope your week is going well!

  7. I’ve just posted. It was hard to just pick five!

  8. Oops, forgot to comment here. Posted. 🙂

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