Blog Talkers Talk – #5

Let’s talk about a past love.  

Tell us about your first love. What did you learn about yourself from that relationship/experience? What kind of life do you think he/she is living today?

Question submitted by: Write From Karen 


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8 responses to “Blog Talkers Talk – #5

  1. My first love was while I was at school, he was a preachers son and I fell hook line and sinker for him. I was 15 years old.

    I honestly cant say anything bad about him – even at an early age he was a true gentleman. I think he taught me how a girl should be treated. He always treated me and bought me little things (most I still have) and looked out for me.

    He is probably now a professional person earning lots of money, yes I think he would have married and settled down and had a family though I don’t think he would be living in Northern Ireland as I think he will have explored a bit. He was very traditional so reckon he wanted all the traditional things family kids etc.

    What did I learn from our relationship? Love I guess, never knew it before and thank goodness have found it since.

    Think we split up because our lives were heading in different directions – he was off to University and neither of us wanted to tie ourselves down so young!

    The only person I have met to compare him to is my husband, he too is a real gentleman – didn’t think I would find anyone to out shine my first love but I have!

  2. Rats. Joy beat me to the punch. lol

    (By the way, nice answer Joy!)

    Mine is up. I rattle on, as usual. Gads, I haven’t thought about my first “love” in ages.

    Nice walk down memory lane!

  3. I hadn’t thought about my first love in ages either. Funny that there are some striking similarities between him and my current.

  4. I put mine up today. I can’t wait to read the others!

  5. I’ve submitted mine and put it here

  6. Done the rounds but I can’t see yours svgal – you’ve just got a blank WordPress site…

  7. Just go mine in on time 🙂

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